MEDS is a platform which offers professional, social, cultural and creative programs that connect all design disciplines.

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Meds is a place for designers to make social and professional connections, unlock their potential and use their talents out of faculty.


MEDS ‘Meeting of Design Students’ was founded in 2010 by students from different countries and different departments of design. It was created with the aim to join all design departments together. Architecture, interior architecture, industrial design, graphic design and all other departments of design.


It is a fact that design is all around us and everything man-made was designed, MEDS focuses everything on design. Design makes ideas tangible, it takes abstract thoughts and inspirations and makes something concrete. The idea of MEDS is to share knowledge about design, to learn the design process, from small objects to large projects, to share experience, to improve creativity, abilities and communication between students from many design disciplines. Different people, different cultures, different languages and different design departments will be joined in one place, to create new and fresh ideas.


MEDS is organised each year in a different country, with an aim to spread its ideal across Europe. Organizational teams consist of students which want to represent their country by hosting a MEDS workshop to do this they send a proposal to the founder of the organisation. Once this is approved they can decide on the workshop subject, place and program...


Each student can apply as a tutor. A tutor has to make a project based on selected theme and submit it to the organizational team before a specified date. MEDS team will choose the best ideas and announce them as winning projects. A tutor’s obligation is to make a presentation of his project and represent it at conference at the beginning of the workshop. Participants will be separated in groups, 15 students per project. The tutor is the leader of the group, but he has to be open to other ideas and improvements. Main aim of the workshop is group working, improving, redesigning and developing the project.

At the end of the workshop each group has to make a short presentation about their project, from the principal idea to the final result. They will represent it in public, with an open debate after it. When the workshop is finished the next event’s location will be announced.


MEDS organizes international events for students of all design disciplines to pursue their ideas and showcase their talent in different cultural environments.

Events take part each summer in different countries, focusing on various issues, themes, topics and settings that will help any designer to expand their experience. It is a chance to get in touch with diverse approaches to design, different building techniques, traditions and skills. MEDS events are not only practical but also theoretical with several conferences taking part.


MENC is a meeting for the MEDS team and national contacts. Each year it is held in a different country and unites the MEDS family. It is organized to discuss the progress of MEDS, events, workshops, future work etc. All NC's attend this meeting to represent their country. The aim of MENC is to improve MEDS as an organization as a team and to share ideas for forthcoming events.

AUGUST, 2013

MEDS was hosted in Lisbon from 2nd to 18th of August in 2013, with the theme of "REACTION": a hands-on collaboration with the traditional community of Graça to improve public space in the area. 250 students from over 30 different countries loaned their hands to create temporary interventions with lasting effects.

AUGUST, 2012

In 2012, MEDS was held in Ljubljana, Slovenia between the 5th and 17th of August. The workshop increased in size to 250 students from all over Europe. The aim of the event is to share knowledge, ideas and experiences with students from many design disciplines...

AUGUST, 2011

The second MEDS workshop was held at the beginning of August in Istanbul. For 12 intense days, 150 students from an array of design backgrounds worked, talked and camped together for an event that concentrates on the sharing of design ideas across disciplines, traditions and cultures from all over the Europe...

AUGUST, 2010

MEDS Alanya was organised in the second week of August 2010. The theme of the workshop took inspiration from Alice in Wonderland. Alice in wonderland transformed to Alice in design land. The event was limited to 100 participants selected by competition.


The historic city of Prizren, where the famous “Lidhja e Prizrenit” (League of Prizren) was held, seems to be a city that binds nations together and writes history. From 23-27 October Prizren became a home for all the MEDS NC’s, the aim was to discuss the growing of its design family. European countries discussed the last workshop, “RE ACTION”, that was held in Lisbon in August 2013, and planned the next workshop in 2014, “Global Green”, that will be held in Dublin. During MENC-Prizren both Romania and Serbia competed for MEDS2015, and by majority vote the next MEDS workshop will be held in Serbia- MEDStara2015! The voting for the location of MENC2014 was between England, Spain and Bulgaria- MEDS decided to meet in Spain, MENCmadrid2014.


With a growing representation of European countries present at this MENC, the whole MEDS organisation was discussed, using the previous three workshops as focus points. The MEDS manifesto was then altered democratically to best suit the intentions of the organisation and all the participants involved. With this came the decision to hold the 2014 Workshop in Dublin, Ireland, with a theme of “Global Green”.


MEDS was founded in 2010, holding its first workshop in Alanya, Turkey with a theme of ‘Alice in Design-land’. With the aim to bring students from across Europe together to promote collaboration, integration and sharing skills and experiences across all design disciplines, MEDS has continued to invite students from all countries to join their cause.

The first MENC, held in Famagusta, discussed the ideals of MEDS and took on board the experiences from Alanya. It was decided here that the next workshop would be held in Istanbul in 2011, with the theme centring on “The juxtaposition of the continents of Europe and Asia within Istanbul city centre”.


During this MENC meeting, the workshop in Istanbul was discussed, allowing democratic decisions to be made by representative Nation Contacts from all countries participating in the MEDS organisation about future workshops. It was decided that the next workshop would be held in Ljubljana, Slovenia on 5-17 August 2012. The theme for this workshop was “SENSE-ability”, focussing upon design for all the senses, sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste. It was decided at the end of this workshop that in 2013 it would be held in Lisbon, Portugal with the theme of “RE-action”, to help and aid the local community.


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MEDS was founded in 2010 by Can Baysal, Interior Architecture, Turkey and Žana Kopitar, Achitecture, Slovenia, both responsible for creation and progress of MEDS. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Can Baysal

Žana Kopitar


National Contacts are members of MEDS representing the organisation in their countries. For all general queries about MEDS and further information contact your NC listed below.

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